Sunday, March 25, 2012


On being 'idle' is never easy. What she wants right no is not only moving but running.  Keep on moving while cracking her head to find way out sometimes getting harder, by the nature of time. When age is judging and stigmatizing, she never knows that choices should be made. Sooner or later, indeed she can never be solitaire again. For some reasons, people are there to see, to value, to judge or to understand. Sometimes, to be people in general, we forgot that we never truly know. Truth is somewhere out there, mostly invisible and hidden.

In the world of hope and tears, she believes that never stop believing what worth-believing is empowering enough. Enough to comfort the situation, but not to stay any longer in the zone. While, seconds keep ticking and air is still everywhere, she needs to stop the feel of conformity. She needs to struggle, then to feel down and hurt. For the sake of ultimate glory, what is more essential, it is the time, not to waste. Please, glory come in mind! For the happiness, prosperity, and victory is indeed real when it is shared.

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