Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quantum Energy

"Kasih sayang dan perhatian orang tua adalah energi kuantum yang begitu menguatkan." - Kiki Fauzia-

Pertanyaanya : Bisakah kita berlaku sebaliknya, selagi masih ada waktu dan kesempatan tersisa? Oleh karena itu, usahakan setiap selesai sholat jangan lupa mendoakan mereka.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

for You, please listen!

I just need to get closer to You.
then, everything will be fine,
even, great and greater :)

Please stay in my heart, right now, and forever.


HandicrAf(R)T Lovers

Luli, my friend from Surabaya had her 'business' in Jogja. I was happy she stayed in my kost for a while. I was also sorry for her that I had not much times to show her around. But on one finest day, I took her to Malioboro and Mirota Batik. There, we discovered many interesting stuffs to be seen. After all, we realized that girls are so into shopping and beautiful yet cute things. We just had to have self-control over it.

I myself also realized that I am such a "handicrAf(R)T lover". I made my own term for that. Why said so? Because I could spend hours just by seeing into details, yet admiring the uniqueness of handy-craft and the beauty of art. God, I wish someday I will own my art-gallery. How about you?


Kiki Fauzia

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jogja Java Carnival 2010

A very special Jogja

First of all, I would like to congratulate Jogjakarta that just celebrated its 254 birthday. I Wish this lovely city always stays in the heart of its people, as I always have in mind. I loved this city at the first sight, and even more during my 4 years studying here. I couldn't believe that I have been living and studying in Jogja for this quite long term. I realized that there would be a time when I will whisper a soft-good bye to this city, to move on and continue life. But, I guess would be very hard for me to really leave Jogja. In brief, Jogja successfully stole my heart.

Jogja owns such a special space in my heart. The core of the city lies on the three concept of living, culture, tourism, and education. The mix of these three idea had transformed Jogja to be a very distinguished place in the world, offered various potentials and attractiveness. I feel that Jogja really fits with my virtue and characteristic, as an egocentric as well as a sociable person. I really enjoyed the taste of art and culture as much I valued each tourism objects. And of course, the education atmosphere is really strong here. Not only a formal education, but also a non-formal one. A learning process from every single field, people, and phenomenon we meet here are very precious.

Right Moment with Right Friends = Awesome :)

Since the first time I saw the advertisement of Jogja Java Carnival 2010, I said to myself that I won't miss this moment. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of night celebration and people's euphoria in every single part of Malioboro, as a center of the carnival. The spirit brought to such a special night is "Celebration of Cultural Unity", and I prepared myself to see such an attractive and entertaining performance, in the harmony of Jogja.

October 16th, three friends of mine and I headed to the Malioboro a bit late as I planned to. On my way to get a strategic spot, I just felt the massive force of people who suggested me to be careful and not aggressive nor emotional . I amazed with thousands, and even more of people who were dragged to the epicenter of carnival. And then after all, we had alternate choices to pick a better spot due to safety reason.

We had freedom to choice what better or best for us. Thus, we chose to find a better spot to enjoy the night. After quite long walk seeing many people's heads around us, we relieved to finally able to breath the fresh air deeply. We went to Vredeburg and Monument Serangan Umum area. There, we just blended with hundreds of people who experienced and chose the same things, rather than desperately watch the carnival til the dead end. Afterall, the state of our mind decided to enjoy the carnival with our unique way.

below are some the pics with my lovely friends

Fireworks sparked the night

I felt blessed to be trapped in the crowd of people's euphoria. I could feel the magnitude power of Jogja, and the appreciation to the carnival. But, I was sad with the selfishness of people I met there. And yeah, they are just so egoistic and stubborn, and didn't let others share the comfort zone with them. It was also a bit disappointing when the committee put series of fences to avoid the aggressiveness of audience or people who tried to get involved and had a physical contact with the performer. I definitely understand the purpose of doing so, but on the other hands, it caused series of unexpected actions as well.

What the best of the night is the FIREWORKS. What a spectacular one to end the carnival. It is definitely marvelous and full of WOW-ness, remind me of fireworks I watched on special night, either on the fourth of July or new-year eve. So lovely and so romantic. I definitely will long for another spectacular fireworks, (hopefully) with such a romantic setting, and accompanied by beautiful people of mine.

My warm birthday wishes to Jogja,

Kiki Fauzia

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Midnight Mumbling

Midnight now. Just woke up from my short-nap, after had a terrible headache. This time of the day, I supposed to surrender with all my heart and soul to whom I belong to. But the hardest thing is I almost lost my spirit and fidelity in what I believe as my ideal virtue. Hence, I always need the magnitude of a force, can be from anyone or anything, that able to grasp me spiritually and emotionally. Then, I should find my best rhythm, and create beautiful rhymes.

I felt grateful that things got done today. I was happy that I still could laugh cheerfully and joked my silly antics with friends of mine. My best accomplishment then is when they smiled and laughed happily. The existence of happiness in every one's heart is the best medicine to cure all the sickness in my heart. Worrisome and dissatisfaction are the enemy of happiness, that gnaw my inside-peace.

Never expect that all people are able to know and understand us well. Perception and justification are scattered around us. Sometimes, I felt bothered in the matter of those thinking. But I also realized that sometimes, I didn't understand people as well. Many times I also had a hard time to understand others ways of thinking. Because people are so unique compared one to others. Because people had different minds, characteristics, priority, motivation, and intention. Therefore, communication and discussion are very important stage of human's behavior. And, I am still learning to improve my interpersonal and communication skills.

I started today with the optimism to handle my responsibility. Responsibility taught me a lot of things, and we have been friends for years. But I consider myself as a bad friend thou. Responsibility also meets me with various great friends. One great friend of mine this morning asked me, "Kiki, what excited you?" That surprised me a lot. A simple yet meaningful question I never though about. Then, I tried to answer it by mentioning few things that excited me. At that time I answered, "seeing good friends, traveling, holidays, an insightful lecture, good grades, watching great movies, and many other things I called as accomplishment. " A shallow answer, but in my daily basis those are exciting enough for boosting my spirit.

My friend responded it effortlessly, "I wish I could think as simple as yours". Then I found out that what bothered her the most is 'relationship/companionship' thingy. I really understand what made her mood so bad today, and why she thought that life isn't getting so exciting anymore. After listening her stories, I realized that each one has their own priority and an ideal virtue. Then, I tried to reflect on my side.

When life has been so flat and not exciting anymore, I think I need 'a charge and a change'. A charge could be understood as (re)charging our spirits and motivations. We need to not only recharge, but also burn out our spirits and motivations. There are many things that successfully increased my spirit and motivations. For me just simple as what I already mentioned above. Beside that, a change is definitely needed when we had no improvement and betterment in our recent life or career, especially when we have potentials and capacity to grow.

What I feel I need right now is a spiritual (re)charge and a better chance for a change. Bismillah, God, I need Your Light and I want to be the light for others too. Please kindly lead my way for betterment for myself and others.


Kiki Fauzia

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheer Me Up with Your Smile :)

Love is all around us. Share it. Mean It.

I just wanted to collect some random stuffs that cheered me up these days lately :
- Knowing that one listening thoroughly, and smiling afterward.
- Spending time with lovely and trustworthy friends.
- Sharing hope and fears, and future uncertainty.
- Looking at eyes to eyes. Then feel it into heart.
- Doing and enjoying spare time with favourite friends.
- Get what we need. Feel what we like/love.
- Our goal/target accomplished.
- Doing what we enjoy the most, and getting insight afterward.

I believe that days is full of life-learning process. We are blessed with mind and heart as tools to maintain our perception about life. Life has many flavor; bitter-sweet for sure. That made life is so colorful, and rich. I realized that when we were down and sad, we learned something precious at the end. We never expect, but it has ripple-effect impact in our life . Life also doesn't always meet with all expectations. But once again, that made life is more challenging and not boring. Then, how we deal with all unexpected facts and bad days? For me, it's very relieving to smile and consistently do good deeds for others. It's very pleasuring when others smile and happy due to our presence. If not, no problems, because genuine smiles will automatically warmed up deep down inside our heart.

My next idea to cheer up our life is feel the love atmosphere around us. Really feel it deeply. First, you can start by eliminating all negative thoughts in your mind and heart, then start counting gifts God has given to you, from breathing til sleeping. And you should understand about the essence of grateful. It's just undeniably powerful. Then, find or create situations that will generate your inside happiness. I already counted mines by listing facts and activities that successfully increased my cheerful spirit and drawing my smiley-face while realizing that : I LOVE and LIVE all my LIFE.

With love,

Kiki Fauzia

Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Questions

"Mbak Kiki kapan nikah?"
** Seharusnya ditanyain kapan lulusnya dulu dong dik. Menikahi skripsi dulu baiknya. Kalau sudah sip dan sah, maka syarat minimal sudah terpenuhi lah insyaAllah.
"Mbak Kiki tutor ya di kelas ini?"
** Padahal saya kan masih mengambil 3 SKS mata kuliah ini.

Dua pertanyaan random itu keluar dari ucap spontan dan polos kedua adik angkatan saya hari ini. Pertanyaan yang sederhana, dan mungkin tidak mempunyai motivasi apa-apa, selain adanya keingintahuan. Namun nampaknya saya harus mulai merenungkannya, dan memberikan jawaban yang paling masuk akal, terutama dengan kesadaran penuh : dimana kaki saya berpijak sekarang dan mau kemana (dan bagaimanakah) langkah ini akan dibawa. Akankah merangkak, tertatih, berjalan pelan, berjalan tergesa, ataukah berlari. Saya yang harus merencanakan dan memutuskan. Semoga tidak akan terlalu banyak penundaan, dan kesia-siaan tentunya.

Semangat move on & move forward!

Kiki Fauzia

Thursday, October 7, 2010

wishful thinking.

the (ONLY) reason..

[ click on the image for a larger scale]

find no other reasons, but you.
i just have no idea, except you.
you-whom i won't tell the name.
whom i knew, thou' it was just a wishful thinking.
but always very pleasuring .

with my very best regards,

[from] whom unconsciously sick