Sunday, October 24, 2010

HandicrAf(R)T Lovers

Luli, my friend from Surabaya had her 'business' in Jogja. I was happy she stayed in my kost for a while. I was also sorry for her that I had not much times to show her around. But on one finest day, I took her to Malioboro and Mirota Batik. There, we discovered many interesting stuffs to be seen. After all, we realized that girls are so into shopping and beautiful yet cute things. We just had to have self-control over it.

I myself also realized that I am such a "handicrAf(R)T lover". I made my own term for that. Why said so? Because I could spend hours just by seeing into details, yet admiring the uniqueness of handy-craft and the beauty of art. God, I wish someday I will own my art-gallery. How about you?


Kiki Fauzia

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