Friday, October 22, 2010

Jogja Java Carnival 2010

A very special Jogja

First of all, I would like to congratulate Jogjakarta that just celebrated its 254 birthday. I Wish this lovely city always stays in the heart of its people, as I always have in mind. I loved this city at the first sight, and even more during my 4 years studying here. I couldn't believe that I have been living and studying in Jogja for this quite long term. I realized that there would be a time when I will whisper a soft-good bye to this city, to move on and continue life. But, I guess would be very hard for me to really leave Jogja. In brief, Jogja successfully stole my heart.

Jogja owns such a special space in my heart. The core of the city lies on the three concept of living, culture, tourism, and education. The mix of these three idea had transformed Jogja to be a very distinguished place in the world, offered various potentials and attractiveness. I feel that Jogja really fits with my virtue and characteristic, as an egocentric as well as a sociable person. I really enjoyed the taste of art and culture as much I valued each tourism objects. And of course, the education atmosphere is really strong here. Not only a formal education, but also a non-formal one. A learning process from every single field, people, and phenomenon we meet here are very precious.

Right Moment with Right Friends = Awesome :)

Since the first time I saw the advertisement of Jogja Java Carnival 2010, I said to myself that I won't miss this moment. I wanted to experience the atmosphere of night celebration and people's euphoria in every single part of Malioboro, as a center of the carnival. The spirit brought to such a special night is "Celebration of Cultural Unity", and I prepared myself to see such an attractive and entertaining performance, in the harmony of Jogja.

October 16th, three friends of mine and I headed to the Malioboro a bit late as I planned to. On my way to get a strategic spot, I just felt the massive force of people who suggested me to be careful and not aggressive nor emotional . I amazed with thousands, and even more of people who were dragged to the epicenter of carnival. And then after all, we had alternate choices to pick a better spot due to safety reason.

We had freedom to choice what better or best for us. Thus, we chose to find a better spot to enjoy the night. After quite long walk seeing many people's heads around us, we relieved to finally able to breath the fresh air deeply. We went to Vredeburg and Monument Serangan Umum area. There, we just blended with hundreds of people who experienced and chose the same things, rather than desperately watch the carnival til the dead end. Afterall, the state of our mind decided to enjoy the carnival with our unique way.

below are some the pics with my lovely friends

Fireworks sparked the night

I felt blessed to be trapped in the crowd of people's euphoria. I could feel the magnitude power of Jogja, and the appreciation to the carnival. But, I was sad with the selfishness of people I met there. And yeah, they are just so egoistic and stubborn, and didn't let others share the comfort zone with them. It was also a bit disappointing when the committee put series of fences to avoid the aggressiveness of audience or people who tried to get involved and had a physical contact with the performer. I definitely understand the purpose of doing so, but on the other hands, it caused series of unexpected actions as well.

What the best of the night is the FIREWORKS. What a spectacular one to end the carnival. It is definitely marvelous and full of WOW-ness, remind me of fireworks I watched on special night, either on the fourth of July or new-year eve. So lovely and so romantic. I definitely will long for another spectacular fireworks, (hopefully) with such a romantic setting, and accompanied by beautiful people of mine.

My warm birthday wishes to Jogja,

Kiki Fauzia

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