Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheer Me Up with Your Smile :)

Love is all around us. Share it. Mean It.

I just wanted to collect some random stuffs that cheered me up these days lately :
- Knowing that one listening thoroughly, and smiling afterward.
- Spending time with lovely and trustworthy friends.
- Sharing hope and fears, and future uncertainty.
- Looking at eyes to eyes. Then feel it into heart.
- Doing and enjoying spare time with favourite friends.
- Get what we need. Feel what we like/love.
- Our goal/target accomplished.
- Doing what we enjoy the most, and getting insight afterward.

I believe that days is full of life-learning process. We are blessed with mind and heart as tools to maintain our perception about life. Life has many flavor; bitter-sweet for sure. That made life is so colorful, and rich. I realized that when we were down and sad, we learned something precious at the end. We never expect, but it has ripple-effect impact in our life . Life also doesn't always meet with all expectations. But once again, that made life is more challenging and not boring. Then, how we deal with all unexpected facts and bad days? For me, it's very relieving to smile and consistently do good deeds for others. It's very pleasuring when others smile and happy due to our presence. If not, no problems, because genuine smiles will automatically warmed up deep down inside our heart.

My next idea to cheer up our life is feel the love atmosphere around us. Really feel it deeply. First, you can start by eliminating all negative thoughts in your mind and heart, then start counting gifts God has given to you, from breathing til sleeping. And you should understand about the essence of grateful. It's just undeniably powerful. Then, find or create situations that will generate your inside happiness. I already counted mines by listing facts and activities that successfully increased my cheerful spirit and drawing my smiley-face while realizing that : I LOVE and LIVE all my LIFE.

With love,

Kiki Fauzia

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