Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LIFE and LOVE so far : mysterious

Last Sunday, I was finally back to Jogja, to continue life, study, and work. There are many stories I wanna share since I haven't update any story yet in these past few weeks. Yeah, life has been so good, dramatic, and euphoric. All I can say is life is so mysterious and surprising. I once updated my Facebook status, "life is full of surprises, so appreciate it, and be prepared!". And up til now I still absolutely agree on that sentences.

I just came back from my participation on Indonesian-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program 2011 as the delegation from East Java. During the program, I met many talented and bright youth from all over Indonesia. There are all unique and different, in terms of culture, characteristic, and appearance. I felt very blessed to know and be friend with them. I will post a separated entry about the program later on.

Life is mysterious. Who control the destiny, heart, and life-plot? I understand that God has The Invisible Hand to manage those complicated flow. That is why when thing happens, I often can't give the logical and literal reason. That's also why I enjoyed the de-facto feeling and valued the preciousness of moment. I still like to quote MLTR lyric, which is "Love will never lie". So, when it greeted me genuinely and enthusiastically, I gave the feeling chances: to fill and to be filled by the greatest sense and power of human-being. And it is indeed, to love and to be loved gives you strength and courage. So, be happy and celebrate the feeling with the most elegant and gracious way of your own.

But, I am still worried. Why? Because when life is covered by too much illusion and emotion, what I need the most is FAITH and HONESTY? I hope we can always hold those two principles. So, although many beautiful and praising words were sell and spread out to many other people. We still can be true to our self and realize that he/she is not only special but always been a part of us. No one knew better, except there is only us, and Him of course.

With a conscious mind,

Kiki Fauzia


fahriaathif said...

hmmm, lg jatuh cinta ya bu???

Kiki Fauzia said...

hmmmm, gimana yaa? "main hati", mungkin tepatnya. sedih yaa :(

fahriaathif said...

jangan sedih. Tuhan punya rhythmnya sendiri. let it flow ya dear.