Wednesday, June 8, 2011


These two days I heard and experienced quite often the phrase "The devils is in the details". Yeah, the small things could carry a huge impact as a whole, and we should start paying attention more on those details. It will be very challenging and tricky. So, don't underestimate those that might be considered as a small or invisible. It sometimes is very significance element.

Talking about devils. I was very concerned about my chaotic heart. Yeah, there are things that might be very difficult to accept, things that we can't understand, things that doesn't fit with our understanding, things that hard to believe, things that shock, sadden, and disappoint us, but believe me that you should forgive yourself and others, if the condition happens. Why? because as long as we didn't do bad for others, and stay in the right line, nothing can really matters. All the condition doesn't remain eternal, only permanent. It could be very conditional and very personal. So, try to do your best to maintain your chaotic-heart.

Regarding my previous entry about appreciate listening, today I also examined the skill, and it is not easy. Most times listening patiently required the similar interest and the understanding that other people needs to be respected. If you don't have those two, you may still be able to pretend like you do, but it will be difficult, and you will surely lose the essence of existence. The situation today also taught me that you can't merely value person from their resume or CV, you gotta meet him/her, have an eye-contact, exchange words, and let the person show off what he/she's always being proud off.

Today, I am thankful that I am still healthy. God, I need You to be nearer. I hope I will reach You back as soon as possible.

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