Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apreciate Listening

Early this morning before starting the day, I read an inspiring article about "appreciation". It gave me spirit to start act that way. The article suggested that appreciation is a key to make our life more enjoyable and passionate. So by do appreciate things in our life we can produce an ultimate spirit, and increase our engagement into different things in life. How powerful it is! But how was it? Is that easy? As the day goes by, the answer is not as easy as I thought would be.

So, did I appreciate my day, people I meet, my work I have done today?
Woahhh, that would be such a reflective question. But, yeah, that's not as easy as I thought. To appreciate people or thing genuinely, we have to acknowledge and reduce the what is called selfishness, egoism, stubbornness, and many negative thoughts that might come across our mind.

What I learned today is about aspect of appreciation which are to be patient and listen more. Please, let other finished their sentences first and have more time for us to listen. Yeah, listen them patiently! Don't interrupt if they are not done yet! Your patience will be worth. Appreciation to people can be done by listening them patiently. Yeah, I am still learning, and it will be worth-learning.

Let's listen others more,



fahriaathif said...

hmmm..just look me..you will feel more better..wkwkwk

Kiki Fauzia said...

hmmm.. thanks dear, yeah, you always made me feel better. thanks a lot ^^