Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reflection: Assertiveness on Decision

Dear universe,

I think, I should close my ears, eyes, and mouth as soon as possible, then start thinking logically, because I am still questioning : Where is their quality of assertiveness? I believe when BIG DECISION made,we will sacrifice some other aspects (can be stuff or person) that we already struggled for or hold on for a long time. I know it's very hard, but that's a big deal. We named it CHOICE and CONSEQUENCES. Some people might need more time to wait, calculate, predict, and finally logically act. But at the end, it will proof whether it is worthy decision or only playful one.

Sometimes, the ambiguity and dilemma comes within BIG DECISION. But that what life teaches us. It's all about choices, and responsibility to take a consequences when risk happens. But, the practice on the real life is not as easy as it was written. In life, most times we act in our comfort zone or safety box. We want no one hurts and no one complain. But, how long it will last? So, all we can do is (again) wait and wait for the momentum is coming. I don't know. All I know is : it's not easy.

Best regards,

Kiki Fauzia

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fahriaathif said...

sabar yah.. biarkan semua itu terjadi tanpa pressure dari siapapun. inget invisible hand's of God.