Monday, July 16, 2012

When Escapism is the Only Way Out

Soccer field in front of GSP at twilight, from Android cam, after jogging July 16, 2012
Maintaining a balanced life is not an easy task. At least, people needs to be discipline and strict to the commitment they made. In my case, the biggest enemies are routines and comfort. These two things will not only erode life-balance but also destroy self-transformation in medium term. People may find that comfort in routines will affect positively, such as improving work performances and exhilarating social life. Yet, being trapped in the comfort zone will eventually make people are reluctant to the changes. Moreover, it is quite dangerous for self improvement and better future projection. But what else people are seeking for, besides possessing inner peace and happiness, and also giving as much as benefit for others. Then, the substantial question is simple yet essential are you happy, now? are you able to make others, especially your loved ones happy?  

Happiness is state of mind. People may interpret it vary, from such a simple explanation until the long complicated one. Let me compose my answer which is I am happy when:  I enjoy my life; I am grateful for what I have and am doing;  Feel much love and blessed from surrounding people; Maintaining a good relations with others;  And so on.. The answer is very normative yet justified. The matter is, people are so easily grateful for such positive, great, and beautiful deeds or things. But when it comes to very tiny, ugly, insignificant things, it requires such a huge and sincere heart to find the reason to be grateful for. That what makes differences. The ingredient is quite simple. It is in line with the quote from 'The Little Prince' : "What is essential is invisible to the eye" Or I can freely reinterpret by using syllogism that what essential is happiness. Thus, what is happiness is invisible to the eye.

If we contemplate on the quotation above, we may find the answer. It is indeed hard to be accepted since visualization is very important in human life, especially nowadays when the exposure of commercialization and materialization became dramatically high. I can be naive if against and argued on those things. I consumed it everyday and became a big fan of the globalization. But then, can I be merely and sincerely happy towards the idea having it all? My answer is nope. The reason is because the foundation of life lies on the ability of differing what is essential and what is not. We need freedom to suit best on the specification we created. Freedom is really important on this matter because it provides options and we are free and secured to choose.

If I may choose, I prefer to maintain life-balance for the sake of happiness (*based on my self-interpretation) . If needed, I do not mind to escape and be invisible. I need escapism to rejoice the status quo. I need to be invisible to carefully watch out and listen to my inner heart. The result is my conscience will speak louder that my outer ego. For me, it is very essential.

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