Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here, I am Back

I once decided to quit. I was so bored and weary with my routines. It was a complex combination of disappointment, confrontation and denial. Too much political hassle and unnecessary drama. I needed to move on and experience the different pace. I thought, a wider opportunity and freedom were away open out there. In fact, it was not as easy as reversing our palm.  Moreover, time to resign was a sadder moment since it was almost my three-years experience. I treasured not only the preciousness of friendship but also valuable life-lesson. There had been ups and down, tears and laughter, cheers and jeer, victory and misery and so on. In brief, I grew up on that building, 2nd floor, South Wing. On this post, I wouldn't write a reflective story or related to retrospective note. Here is just my humble confirmation, where I am now and what I am doing recently.

Released from the cage when years spending inside of it is very pleasuring and exciting. That is what I felt aftermath of my resignation form the office. Living the days without responsibilities and duties was somehow very enjoyable. I spent the days keeping up with my personal targets. I jogged and exercised quite often. I frequently went and hang out out with friends, learned IELTS, visited my family and applied to my desirable jobs and schools. I found novelty in my life rhythm, and it felt so amazing. What I really appreciated the most was freedom. I owned the freedom to do what I love without time-constrain and restriction. 

Time was fleeting. Happiness and freedom-I enjoyed previously- did not stay longer because I missed one substantial thing, 'fulfillment'. At first and foremost, I wasn't able to fill my bank account. Very sad, that I keep spending without any income. It was also a shame for a graduate to still ask money to their parents. Second, freelance was not absolutely free. Being in a freelance status gave me freedom, but not stability and temporary security I needed at the time-being. Moreover, the productivity  turned to an abrupt task-trajectory. I was also intimidated when my parents call and wondered about my activities and how I got through the day. They did not mean to, it was a caring attention from them, I guess. Third, I missed the working pressures and peer zeal, from event, project, and daily tasks that follows.

Life does not always meet the expectations. It sometimes gives you no alternative options, beside opt one in-front-of-eyes-offering. As my good sister told me that life needs flexibility. Now, I understood that I should be flexible. I am very grateful that I pulled back my initial decision. It was a conscious decision after consulting with my trustworthy adviser, friend and also parent for sure. I was back now, a place where I tossed the coin. I learned again to be more patient and sincere. Forgetting about politics and drama, I will show my commitment to project a better working environment. 

It is different now. Although I occupy the same place, there had been many changes; from my working status, Rectorat management, staff composition and interior arrangement at the office. I am glad that I am surrounded by supportive and credible colleagues. I hope my presence will be beneficial for others and my assistance will make things better and in order. So far, I am happy and  don't mind to serve and help others. It is a pleasure to see other's happiness and accomplishment. All the more, when we are appreciated.

I hope, my happiness will accompanied by my fulfillment. I expect it will be a stepping stone to achieve my future targets. I just need to be patient and know the priority. The last one is quite hard to bid. But, I do not need to worries. My self-management will be improved and time will escort me, soon, InsyaAlloh.

AG 1549 I - BLT -YK-  I don't know who has this bike. I love it, esp. the plat number.

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