Friday, November 28, 2014

[LESSON] Value Your Health

November is always special and easy to remember when it comes to blogging. I clearly remembered my previous blog I wrote in the previous November. It is just the time of the year when you feel very sensitive about time, changes, life, and rain. Yes, rain! It is raining almost everyday here, in Jogja, and almost all over Java. Nothing wrong with rain, and please pray when it is raining. Hopefully the rain will give a lot of blessings to our environment.

Rain is like a melancholic serenade that triggered me to think random thoughts. It is just the atmosphere of spaciousness when you need hugs, warmth, and comfort for the most. When there is space in between your hope and reality, sometimes what you can do is just dreaming, imagining, and remembering. Those activities contained addictive or toxic that could destroy your 'immune' system.

Talking about the immune system, I have passed very dramatic, stressful, and sleepless nights due to my thoughtless action as a consequence of my procrastination. I have forced myself, my mind, and my body to run and catch up the deadlines. During that struggle, I consumed an unhealthy food which contained many MSG, caffeine, fat, etc. Beside, I did not absorb enough nutrition, delayed my eating-hour, and forgot about exercise. Not to mention about psychological factors.

The effect came later. I actually felt very weak and shaking aftermath of my deadline passed. It was also due to the continuous of lacking of sleeping hours. Last night, I decided to see the doctor and I was diagnosed having a high blood pressure or hypertension (140/90). And also a low blood glucose level (90- I thought it was normal until the Doctor said that is less than the ideal level around 110). That's why I felt weak. I was a bit surprised because I had never experienced to reach that high blood pressure. I always consider myself having a normal tension and a fast-recovered person. Which was different with last night reality.

I was blessed and thankful that many loving people around me care much about me and my health. I am also grateful that God 'poked' me with a very elegant way. I knew from the Internet that hypertension could lead to many serious health problems. Therefore, I need to care about myself more, changed my life habit into a healthy ones, and balancing my body and my mind. Our body is just like an alarm that test our sensitivity. I think health is a long-term investment in life, so better to care of my body as early as possible.

Please stay healthy everyone! Health is one of priceless assets in life, so do not take it for granted. You never value your health until you are not feeling healthy.

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