Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Family Getaway] Kampung Coklat

As we grew older, we tend to appreciate our family-time more. Since my brother and I studied and worked in a different city, we really valued what it feels being home and being at the hometown. Besides having a fun yet casual leisure time at home, we also loved to treasure our time by going somewhere else, just for paying a visit or tasting food. The essence was to appreciate the time together and add some excitements in our relations. Usually my mom or the kids (my brother and I) made plans and had to persuade or insist my father to agree on our planning. Sometimes, it needs more effort :P Hehe

Sunday morning, October 12th 2014, we decided  to visit Kampung Coklat. It was located in Kademangan, Blitar Regency. It took about a half an hour by car from our house, in Blitar City. My first impression after being there was why is it called Kampung? because it was just like a rest area with food-court and chocolate plantation. Hehe. We entered in one big house with has many banner that claimed that it is the right location, 'Kampung Cokelat'. We arrived there around 8 am so the situation were still conducive. It got more crowded as the times passed by. There were many table settings and tenants that sell various kinds of chocolate products. We also could observed chocolate trees and plantation arena.

I bought hot chocolate there and it tasted too sweet. They already prepared the composition which consisted of chocolate formula and sugar. When I asked the seller not to give the sugar or just give a little she refused to do so. So, the taste of hot chocolate was not that special, except just too sweet.  We were lucky to arrive early morning so that we could pick a good seat to enjoy the morning. After having a cup of hot chocolate, my brother, mom, and I took a walk around the area to take pictures while my father keep watching on our belongings since he had no interest in being in a frame. 

After that, I decided to buy food in the food court. There were many options beside chocolate, and I chose Rujaak. Because  I always missed Jawa Timuran food I rarely eat in Jogja. I appreciated the the initiator and the owner of this Kampong Coklat. His idea are not only success in empowering their neighbor and surrounding to plant chocolate but also opening the employment opportunity for them.

This place got more popular and more people from other cities also visiting this place. Most people said that it was education tourism, but I myself can not really feel the sense. Maybe because I did not really feel to educate myself by paying attention more in expanding my knowledge about chocolate. I just wanted to enjoy my time with my family and eat the food. There are also shops that sells many chocolate but the taste is different with chocolate I used to like, especially when you have already tasted many variant of chocolates, especially European chocolate.

All in all, I think they need to improve the quality of the products, such as  packaging, taste (more important), and promotion. For the place itself, I think it is perfect alternative for people to spend their leisure time with family, to know a little bit about chocolate, and to enjoy the band performance. 

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