Saturday, July 12, 2014

Time Will Heal, Time Will Refill

Change is inevitable and the only thing that is constant.  It is indeed true. However, the abrupt change in my Office drove me crazy and dragged me in a moment of sadness and emptiness. The first days of reality , I felt like there was a big hole in my heart I did not know how to overcome. It was the nature of being woman who are blessed with a high sensitivity and emotionalism. I, the person, who thought am very senseless, really could not help crying. I cried for couple days in the morning before going to Office. I was confused to whom I talk to, discuss with, and rely on. For me and for us, I think it was just  too sudden.

Time indeed will heal. I believe in that. Hence, when you needed urgent response and not enough time to consolidate. How to react? I was very thankful that there are many supporting colleagues and friends who sincerely help. I thank to the one who always listen patiently, support, and  advice wisely. I was also very grateful that my colleagues are also a part of the problem solver.

I learned that we just need to be open, ask to the right person, seek for solution, and communicate effectively. Do not ever think that you are alone. Do not ever feel that you can do everything and you can solve every problems. Imperfections and mistakes are very natural. At the end, you will discover that you are stronger than what you ever think!

I am feeling better now, and believe that things will get better.


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