Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[About US] Moments to Remember

(Remembering while listening this lovable song of Jeremy Passion - "Suddenly")

I loved this song especially the Reff and the title which pretty much described about how we met and progressed our relationship which I can call 'suddenly'

Here I would like to mark the dates of our memorable events:

The first day you came to meet me (at my office)

The first dinner date at Parsley (accompanied by my cousin)

You came to my kost, first (informal) proposal

The first outing to the Beach (Gunung Kidul)

Spending a lovely evening at Bukit Bintang

Road trip to Blitar (accompanied by your parents)

Meeting my parents in Blitar


I said 'Yes' (in a formal way)
Engagement day. 

Above is the timeline of our short story about how we found each other and decided to go further. We have not treasured love story long enough. Yet, we will grow and nourish our love and life skills to conquer our future. And today is D-93 before the next new exciting and challenging chapter of our life. Hopefully God always give his guidance and mercy to us. Amiin.

I will write more about the details of our story later on to ensure that our decision is not impulsive or sudden ones. Each decision we took involved God (first and foremost), family, and of course our truly-selves. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats ya Kiki.. Lagi iseng2 blogwalking nih hehe.. Btw jadi waktu ke rumahku itu masih baru yaa. ;) Semoga Kiki dan Wisnun terus langgeng sama bahagia. :*

Kiki Fauzia said...

Mbak Icha dear, thank you for stopping by :) Amiin, makasih juga doanya.

Yups, waktu itu masih awal2. Hehe

Ima Santika Jayati said...

Kiki.. ditunggu cerita lengkapnya yaa... ini kan baru trailer, hehe..