Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life Intersection

In my muse, in between my life's intersection, after I have finished torturing myself, and secured by God and Universe's grace, I found this following virtues:

  • We live in this world of imagination and reality. Dream, is in between. We should not stop dreaming, until once you wake up and realize that you have to act and work hard to achieve it. Every result must have passed through a long process of tears, thirst, and sweat. So, what makes a difference for each person achieving their dreams? It is soul and energy that made it different. When you do it with your soul wholeheartedly, you won't run out of energy all the time. You will be proud and glad with what your doing no matter how others value you.
  • Regarding about value. Each person has their own interpretation. The same things can have different value for different people. It is how they give meaning and appreciation to an object. Sometimes, it really depends on their perspective and life principle and we cannot argue that. We have to compromise it. It is really important to respect their interpretation.
  • After my hibernation due to urgent needs, I went out for fulfilling my business. All the way to the places, I saw faces and phenomenon. I heard talks and scream. I met eyes to eyes with people and try to process whats going on and how it works. I observed surrounding and found many new and exciting things. Those simple things, really an eye-opening moment for me. Why, that short moment moved me? Because it made me feel small yet at the same time made me smile and grateful. It transferred good energy for me to be better. When I decided to hibernate and block my surrounding, I only focused on my own self. How I finish my task and so on. But then, when I go out, it gives me comprehensive feeling. After that, I talked to myself that I can not block myself from surrounding. I have to focus on my goal but never forget that surrounding can give you more meaning to life. Simply said, I won't forget to look around, experience, feel, and expand more. 
  • Other people is important, as you, as well. That is why, I really like the quote that reminds me that it is not only about you all the time. You are not always the center of everything. Yes, it made me realize two things: First, we need supporting system. We can not walk alone. We are so selfish and arrogant if we think we can. We need others and other need us, as well. If you feel weak, team up together it made you stronger. That is somehow true. Yet, we have to be so mindful and wise to choose how our supporting system. The name itself (supporting system) says it all. Second, live alone if you can not understand others! Other feeling as well is also precious. No matter the reason is. 
  • To grow up is never easy, there is room for adjustment and improvement. That is why sometime you have indescribable feeling about something. Your mood swung so easily. You have mixed feeling to changes. You cried sentimentally with or without reason. You can be so ecstatic, yet you are so gloomy at the same moment. It is scientifically natural. You have to be true to yourself to express wisely your feelings. 
  • To live is a perpetual learning process. And to make the process went successfully, you have to keep balancing. Because life is about balance. There is portion of each to fulfill. When I saw a very successful smart powerful person at career or business but they are failed at home. I am sorry I lost respect for them, and I don't consider them as a success person. No matter what.
  • If I can choose a space for growing up. I choose place that give me spacious room for happiness, warmth, trust, and appreciation. Because with that I nurtured my soul and mind to develop happiness, warmth, trust, and appreciation to others. And with that we can be grateful with all we have, all our effort, no matter how small and hard it would be. With that, I can breath peacefully and generate our productivity, and more happiness.
  • God is The One who Dispose our destiny and life path. So, please keep in mind that you always have Him. You always remember Him, and seek the light to always get closer to Him.
It is always easier to say and write rather than practicing. However, I am gonna practice and commit that I am willing to face my life intersection with a happy and positive attitude towards challenges and opportunities ahead. Keep praying, keep Ikhtiar, keep balancing, and never stop dreaming! Bismillah.

Best, Kf

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