Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Marching on March

I started writing this post on 1.31 am and now is already April. Welcome April! It is nice to see you. Please be nice to me. However, I used the title 'Marching on March' to pretty much conclude what was going on and what have been on my mind lately, since March.

  • I wish I can be productive and more productive everyday, in all aspect of life, including in updating the blog. Yet, the fact is the contrary. See, look at this blog! The last post was updated one month ago. So basically in March I only produced one post. It really pictured how my productivity was. Too bad! I had indeed  reasons to justify why it happened, but yeah, it was only scapegoating other businesses. Frankly, let say doing thesis and  preparation for my big day. But, it is not really justified, because I did not show my best also on those two big things. There are many people who helped me a lot and deserved many credits. First, I would dedicate to my Mom and my family who endlessly support me, morally and spiritually. I remember once I felt very powerless but their words just lifted me up, cheer me up a bit and made me surrender more to Allah . Yes, I believe God has sent many angels in my life. They are one of them. I learned that some positive comments or words are just so powerful to change people's mindset towards life.
  • Productivity could increase happiness. It lead to other productivity that would energize your day. It will fulfill you and make you feel gain something. The effect is you can be happy. There is feeling of completion and fulfillment that make you feel good. Productivity was not always in line with business. But mostly it works hand in hand. Besides, productivity will feed your hunger of activity. However, you still need some cashes to survive. To be realistic, the cash will equip your life, and somehow made you whether smile or grin. For me, not being able to make some cashes yet is such a 'misery', especially when you used to be very active and busy (different with productive, I just say 'busy'), especially when you are old, educated and experienced more than enough. I should have been being independent, financially (and more important: my-ways of thinking). In terms of financial support, I should have thanked to foreign currencies on my pocket that supported me enough these days. Hopefully soon I can get the enlightenment and firmness on my decision about my future. 
  • I  wish that my blog is not merely sharing about my personal life as it is used to be. But if  it is, I wish it will be inspiring, useful and beneficial for readers. I think, it is still away from that standards. But, I am sure although it contained random thought of my life, there must be some readers out there who found it useful (why I become so confident about this, haha). Writing is not an easy-peasy, especially when it comes to your personal. For me it needs courage, effort, and mood. But whatever the reasons behind the story, I always think that writing is such a healing. It is self-healing that can enlighten you and relieve your 'not-feel-right-thingy' that sublimed on your head or heart. Because not every person wanna listen to your stories, so writing does really help.

Thank you for your kind attention and patience to read this long random thoughts.

With love, Kf 

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