Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eid Mubarak 1431 H

Feeling Tranquility in the Pure Days

Ramadan, a month of blessing and forgiveness, had left me with a heap of homework. Major homework for me is how to increase my spiritual quality with God aftermath of Ramadan. The momentum of Ramadan obliged believers to fortify the sense of devotion to The One who embraces our whole-life. If Ramadan is like a battle, then the winner is one who sustain their faith and spirit on the following months after Ramadan. So, I am begging for the Light to guide my way and lead me closer to Him- in the searching of serenity and tranquility.

I spent my third of Ramadan at home. I planned to go home sooner deliberately. At that time, I was struggling to seek the spirit of Ramadan that I had missed since early of the month. I fully realized that home was the right place, and under proper circumstances. At least, there is always someone who watch over me and keep me on the right track. The environment I need the most when I am in the process of healing my soul.

Being home also means that I have to share my duty and responsibility with other member of the family. I learned how to be a good daughter and sister. Oh God, I am still too far from what expected. But, never stop improving myself. Obviously at home makes me happy and comfy. Too much love, laughing, sleeping, eating, and many fun activities with my family. In the end, I should be grateful for everything. I am very fortunate and has nothing to complain. As the result of being home I gained my weight, about 3 kg. After all, God is really is the Most Merciful and
the Most Gracious.

Have a happy and blessed Eid Mubarak 1431 H!
Wish you all the joy and love everywhere :)

Cheers, Kf

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