Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merapi Expedition

Sunday, 23 of January 2011

We went up to Kaliurang to see what it is like in the Merapi area aftermath of the dramatic eruption.
The pictures below will explain itself how the eruption damaged the nature and surrounding Merapi.

I myself am really concerned about the climate change phenomenon lately. You might know some anomaly phenomena which occurred in the different continent in the world. Let say : the snow storm in the Europe, flood everywhere from Asia until Africa, and the coming winter in the hot summer Australia. Please think wisely, it must happens for reasons!

Look at the large area surrounding Merapi. It was devastated by the ash, wind, and hot cloud.

i can see the beauty of the shape in the branch of the tree.It somehow show the
contrast of different elements in life, which are soil, wood, and air.
the bare trees are truly beautiful.

We eat "tempe" and "jadah" after a long hike.

Let's celebrate the weekend by
valuing life outside the box.
There's more to life than our routines.
We should improve the value of our life by enriching our experience, diversifying our activities and fertilizing our friendship.


Kiki Fauzia

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