Thursday, May 3, 2012

May**, You may hug me :)

People walked in and walked out through life. Faces, old and new come and fade.
Wheel keep spinning. Clock keep tickling. Sun rises and downs everyday. 
The fact: Life goes on
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I need huge teddy bear hugs. I wanna give ones to the one. It always feels warming and pleasuring. Realizing the fact that my muscle and blood consume toxic and parasite almost every day, i need a kind of natural healing. For me, smile and hugs is such modest cure.

I breath a soft breeze of goodbye. It's very delicate until I might not realize it. I just accept it because hi and goodbye is just another life phase. However, when I turned around and felt it, my heart said "It is like turnover button. Calm down, baby! - No need to worry about uncertainty." Excuse me. My heart may make a mistake. Uncertainty is the biggest worrisome that kills hope. 

There is a time when I become so sentimental, which mostly I am not, at all.  Since it's depressing to feel the tears for tearing people's dream, I choose to step backward and see what happen next. Withdrawing may be a good decision. We'll see.

A shadow of past romance is a sweet escape. The melody of promises is perfect lullaby in outer space. The figure came in light and said Hi. Once I neglected it in the past. Then, I long for it for a long time.  The lesson I learned : Sincerity is the ultimate treasure. 

Big hugs,


** : the 5th month of the year.

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