Friday, May 11, 2012

V for 2556 Vesak Victory

 Vesak euphoric tempted me to value its ambiance from my first-hand experience. At first, my sane excitement trapped me to the absence of critical sight. We departed from Yogya around 5 p.m.  accompanied by a dramatic traffic jam and grey sky that effortlessly poured such melancholic rain. Then, it turned to a magical switch when gold moon appeared in a distant. The blue night light illuminated  and dazzled the mob. 

I could say that it's a priceless experience, although a bit overrated. As a local tourist who aimed to enjoy the celebration and festivities, especially the lantern release, I wouldn't expect more than the harmony of the night. People from all different backgrounds united in one joyous moment. I may wrong for saying so, since the initial purpose has transformed to an artificial celebration. I also sorry for the visitors who are not sensible enough that the Buddhist pilgrimage is not merely an object, but the subject of an event. It's also pathetic to smell the commercialization of such a sacred occasion.

Let the captured picture itself tell the vivid stories beyond words.

Lantern flied high to the sky. 
Those are the hope and wishes that stay bright and up high. They glow in the dark and shine inside everybody's heart. After all, in the name of faith, we share many similarities. 

Borobudur Temple, Magelang Regency, May 6, 2556 BE

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niineO.O said...

mupeng banget kamu ngepost yang ini T.T
aku jg pengen banget ksitu stelah nonton arisan2, tapi apa daya temenku yg mau pergi bareng gak jadi, jadi yaa~...
beruntungnya dirimu!!iri lah daku..

eh kamu uda follow ya?tapi kok gak keliatan ya?hehe (bingung ni aku)