Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome to Almost End Year

Suddenly it comes, November!
Yesterday, I was happy. I felt even happier since I was able to laugh harder and share many dully jokes with my good friends. A good companion is always relaxing and recharging. Although my friends and I are in the same stage of anxiousness and uncertainty, we felt relieved when we could rely on each other and made fun of ourselves.  It simply made my day. 

Working overtime became a new habit. I do not  complain. I am grateful since supportive people were there as well. Yesterday my colleagues and I discussed about office's Key Performance Indicator; identifying vision mission, job desk, SWOT, and etc. We finished the meeting agenda soon, and damn we have homework. We continued our flowing conversation and ended up talking many other things, from university management and policy, nostalgic moments, until personal interaction between staffs. I realized that time indeed was fleeting.  There had been many changes. It transformed dynamically and needs ultimate support from various aspects. What a big work! 

I am competing with my own-urge and guts to complete my 'to-do-list'. I am afraid that I am running out of time. I have set my personal target yet time-management needs to be improved.  But supporting system I need the most not on my side 100%. 

Monthly Wrap-Up
Productivity is not the same as busyness. I do not know where my daily activity belongs to. It seems that I have spent hours and hours at the office. The question is am I productive enough? I am also uncertain. I often spent many hours by doing assigned task for my boss or my boss's boss. What I want the most is to make a meaningful routines so that my days don't just pass by.

When I was home last week there were 'serious' talk regarding my future plan. My parents, especially my father advices me many things that I need to consider. One hand, it motivated me to make them proud due to my hard work. On the other hand, I am not absolutely agree with their idea. However, I respected them with all my heart so I will show my best and will see what God decision is.

Another thing is when number become so judgmental it becomes so sensitive. Let say it is age. It bothered me when surrounding started to stigmatize. Let be frank, it is about marriage. Hellow, we are living in the communal environment so just be calm and easy-going when people start to wonder and care about our personal matters. But yeah, I thank you very much since it grabbed my attention and success to make me concern.  

I remember I wrote:
March has gone with  its effortless vanity. April came already, spring rings eloquently.
May, you  may hug me....
And now, all of sudden it comes November. 
Please November makes me sober!:)

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