Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Her Past Stories Present

Once upon a time, in a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a wonder land, she has met a main character in her past story. It was apparently not surprising since she had been once thinking that it would happen, which it did. Although she didn’t expect that the beautiful moment turned to awkward disposition, she was absolutely fine yet a bit uneasy. At first she tried to be calm and controlled her spontaneous act. Yet, she couldn’t help denying the fact that the character was exist and visible. After all, she was glad she success in maintaining her cheerful appearance and blissful aura although her mother and brother noticed that she behaved a little clumsy and knotty.

She doubted that she supposed to greet the character. She was confidence to pretend that he was invisible, and she was still a beautiful happy girl on the room. It didn’t matter at all, until a moment when her father insisted her to pay a respect to an honorable lady which happened to be standing next to the character.  Then, she couldn’t withdraw her move; she greeted that person with a huge smile of her which she felt very fake. She gave her hand to greet him graciously, and out of the blue he refused gently, as if he was the most holy person on that building. Oh God, thank you, she smiled again and continued to have a pleasant conversation with the lady next to him. 

The moment in a wonder land above really reminisced memories of two characters who never had a parallel paths. Moreover, she was really grateful that love really found their ways. She was more relieved that a supportive and continuous companion posses a restless acceptance. She was very delighted to witness that there was additional and protagonist character who perfectly fit on a half soul that been searching for since a long time a go. She was thankful that it matched best without any force.

On another plot, she is wondering whether a far from where she stood last week another character-who experienced to be the main character on her another favorite stories-still stands firmly. There were undiscovered truths he has been trying to hide. He succeed some but he failed partly, especially to convince her that he is a righteous actor. Lies lay underneath his skin and he covered it smoothly with his eloquent and loquacious nature.  She couldn’t lie that they met and made up something like a chemical attraction between two opposite sexes. Some people said that it was irresistible feeling some thought that it was only expression of adoration; some might think that there is a temporary love sequel. She was the only one knew what is in her heart.

When the lines continued to pull, she was happy when things went well on his side. She only discovered recently that she has been too positive thinking. She was not surprised at all when she discovered the hidden truth. She just laughed hardly and started writing her notes. She could write easily and felt grateful that he was doing very well. Well, it is good for her also. Life continued to connect the dots that some time ago missing and remained unquestionable. She finally concluded that despite the un-friend precedent and owning multiple numbers there was a strong reason to justify, which is very valid and legitimate.

She was never this glad before, and started singing, "Oh my sleeping child, the world is so wild. But you have build your own paradise. That's one reason why I'll cover you sleeping child."  

Unfortunately, she is not a sleeping child. She is a lively young lady.

-The End-

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