Saturday, September 20, 2014

[FUN] 20 Facts About Me

I was tagged and challenged to share #20FactAboutMe by @amaliaeci in Instagram. This is very popular right now and I am happy to finish it,  for fun. Since I failed to upload in IG many times,  I decided to post it in in my blog.

Here there are theFacts about me you should know: ^^

1. My full name is RIZKI NUR FAUZIA.  I love the meaning of my name. When I was a baby, I almost got a different name (Rizka Faza Syahara) yet not approved by my Father. 
2. The oldest kid in my family,  have a younger brother.
3. Both my parents are teacher which I am proud of.
4. Family is everything,  and comes first. Family time is always precious.
5. I grew up in a small peaceful town in East Java, called Blitar.  The town which has no movie theater, shopping malls, KFC,  Dunkin, yet is very peaceful and pleasant to live in.
6. I loved both beach and mountain. So it is difficult to choose one.
7. I belived in the kindness and positivity.  For me,  those virtues are contagious.
8. I enjoyed travelling and going new places for a discovery. Travelling can enrich and nourish my soul. I have experienced solo travel quite often,  the longest route is from Norway to Denmark,  and France.  It was very priceless.  However, I considered that travel with the loving one(s) would be more challenging,  fun,  and memorable. Longing for that moments.
9. I really wanted to go to Baitullah for Umrah, sooner.
10. Jogging is my favorite exercise.  I should have more time to do it.
11. Smiley is my middle name. It is just the template of my face I cannot change and complain to.
12. I like listening much better than talking.  I really enjoy listening other's stories and thoughts.
13. I do blogging in:  dotkikifauzia.blogspot. com since 2010 to share my personal point of views,  experiences,  and photos. Writing does really help when others seems not care.
14. I am NOT a sentimental and sensitive person.  Forgive me for that.  Just recenty,  I was easily 'touched' and cried for reasonable factors.
15. I had difficulty to be decisive and assertive.  And am on the process of improving.
16. I am very grateful for people and things I have in life. They have just filled and completed me,  whether in good or bad.  Their presence in life must be for reason.
17. My favorite foods are many. Gudeg, ducks, seafood, mash potatoes and  Italian foods are among my favorite ones. I have been craving for 'Eggplant Parmesan' for loong time and not accomplished yet.
18. I am Aquarius,  born in February.  100% Javanese.
19. I was used to be a big soccer fan since middle school. Not anymore now.  I am a Juventini and my first crush is Filippo Inzaghi. Kinda regret why him, hahaha :D
20. Doing my thesis.  Hopefully it ll be over sooooon.  Wish me luck!

Cheers, Kf

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