Thursday, September 11, 2014

Other Doors will Open, Welcoming You !

Parting, ending, and breaking are never easy, especially when those things are very special and memorable. Fortunately, through life, people and precedent has taught us to face and pass those part, whether successfully or unsuccessfully.  Since we are a child, we are nurtured to stand up and move on to continue life, to any direction, to upgrade our setup. However, each people will respond to the process differently, depends on their circumstances, framings, and perspectives.

For me and my surroundings, we experienced this phase quite often during these last months. It might be hard, sad, heart-breaking for some people, especially in the beginning. But the are always two-sided coins in life. There must be a lesson-learned, reshuffle, and a 'blessing in disguise' afterward. I always believe that 'time will heal and refill', and we can always remember that as memory and lesson in life.

I have witnessed many crying friends who felt the loss of loosing the loved one(s). It broke my heart, really. However, I believe that this feeling is very natural and needs to be appreciated. They might have sensible hearts to express their true feelings. Let them cry, let us cry. It is like liberating our souls and cleansing the wounded hearts. It feels hurt and sore for sure, but the wound will be dry and recovered. The recovery indeed needs time.

After all, the experience of this process will enrich your soul and soft-skills in life. The sadness and emptiness feelings will last only temporary.  Keep in mind that life is a collecting pieces of goodbye and halo, parting and meeting, breaking and joining, ending and starting. That is how life cycles. That is how important that: (1) We need to see the bright and brighter sides, (2) Look back wisely and move forward optimistically, (3) Acknowledge people at the first place. People who have been part of our life stories come crossed to us for reasons.

All in all, I cannot thank enough for those people who have experienced the process. I am very blessed and thankful to the people who have filled my days and my heart, with many memories and lesson learned. I am sorry for every mistakes, my lack of understanding, and my foolish actions. Remember, if for some reasons we are apart, it is only for artificial reasons. You are, and will be in my heart. Distance is not the matter of physical space, but a connecting of willingness heart.

Please smile and be happy!


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