Friday, December 12, 2014

[Reminder] In the Name of Process and Patience

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Not everyone is able to value the meaning of 'process' because instant results seem so promising and tempting. For those who are able to enjoy the every little things called process or effort or Ikhtiar, you are truly blessed. Most time many people forget that. They just look ahead to what they want to achieve and being obsessed with the result. And what happens if things did not work? They will be desperately sad and empty. They usually forgot that God will count the process. They don't realize that God will replace all the tears and sweat with smiles at the end. 

Being obsessed with the big picture of result will also dismiss each little things need to be valued at the most. Because if they oriented their senses and sight to far-distanced-target/goals, they will rarely appreciate small and invisible things. And, when they are 'awaken' by God's light, they will feel extremely in a loss.

The reason is because the small and invisible things in their surrounding are so beautiful. They just rarely focus on that due to delusional distractions in a distant. So, please move your focus a bit and capture the beauty within and surround you. It will affect your soul and heart. Then, you will start to appreciate the small, imperfection, invisible, yet valuable things in your life. By applying that simple virtue, you will also practice how to enjoy the process which needs time and patience.

To process patiently it indeed needs practice everyday. The simple keys that help are feeling grateful and keep the positive thoughts, positive feelings, and positive acts.

Best, Kf


Bernando J. Sujibto said...

Berkunjung ke blogmu, kiki, selalu bikin tenang dan damai.... apaabarmu? Semoga selalu dimudahkan.


Kiki Fauzia said...

Dear BJe,

Terima kasih banyak apresiasi-nya. Blogmu lebih inspiring, keep writing yaa. Baik, alhamdulillah. Semoga kamu juga ya. Gimana kabar Turki? semoga lancar juga studi-nya..

Best, Kiki