Sunday, June 20, 2010


I called it "satisvication". It doesn't imply anything, except the acronym I made, stand for "SATurday In feStiVIty of Culture, Art, hisTory-SensatION". Haha =)

This Saturday, a group of NOHA (Network of Humanitarian Action) Visiting Scholar, mostly from Europe, joined with us, program coordinators and staffs from Office of International Affairs, UGM to spend the lovely Saturday to celebrate the preciousness of culture, art, and history.

First, we went to Imogiri, Bantul district, southern part of Yogyakarta province. We had a pilgrimage in Royal cemetary, a traditional resting place of Sultanese of Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Interesting pieces for me are, first, the brilliance idea of Sultan Agung on how he put the concept of this cemetary. There is always a great philosophy on it, meaning of beyond and within things. Second, the value of stepping forward and higher. I define as the need of process, takes times, willingness, efforts, and target. Third, "we can make it, if we want it". Before 'hiking', the guide told us how many level of floors. At the beginning, maybe we are doubt about making it or not. But if we want it and enjoy it, we fight our hesitation and win with satisfication.

When we had to step down the floors, I really felt like running. I liked it. It made me feel lighter and easier to get to the bottom floor. But friends stopped me to do so. They warned me if I could fall down and get injured. So, although I have independent thinking, but the social consequences costs more.

Next, we headed to Prambanan, to see "The Ramayana Ballet". It was my first time seeing the performance in Prambanan. My previouse one is in 'Ratu Boko Temple'. We also had a dinner in the Prambanan complex with such a loving yet nice nuance and atmosphere. Interesting pieces are, people were so excited about having dinnner, but then they complained that the food taste isn't as costly as the prize. For me, since the food are free, it tasted okay, and I am thankful to taste a lot different things. What can we expect from the presence of food. Enough for me.

Ramayana Ballet Performance. There are many tourist spent much money to enjoy the performance. Many visitors from another city and province as well. After a while longing for a seat, finally I sat next to, and among foreign tourists who seem enjoyed the performance. The tourists on my right side, focused on capturing the scene of the performance, using his SLR camera, while the foreigner on my right side, paid most attention only to the stage, even rarely blinking.

This cultural performance and the foreign tourist gazing grabbed me to the experience when I was also being a foreigner and enjoy the kind of art and culural performance. I amaze how art and culture binding people together with appreciation and amazeness. People can have different understanding and interpretaion, but we appreciate this form of creativity and expression.

When we see, we even compare things. Normal. We did many times, including to compare the performance. Based on my previous experience seeing 'Rama-Shinta storyline' performance, What I got, first, it's different. Compare means value, which I can value that the performance tonight was paid much more so the quality of performance needs to exercise and improve more.

I also concerned about regeneration. For the sake of cultural heritage, I think we really need to preserve and regenerate this kind of practical art and culture.

dont look at us!! look at how beautiful background we had. sorry for the blurry pics.

The Highlight News Last Night was:

OOps! I did it (again)! Pathetic side of me!

"The fool one is one who falls into the same hole, again, and again."

Why, I never learned from my previous precedent! That I can call PATHETIC!

Thank you my dear friends who always understanding and helping me out!

Regards, _Kf_


Jazz Muhammad said... enake Rek...mau donk diajak jalan2


oya mbak, ko ada blogku ya di daftar link..? hehe thx vry much.. semoga ada manfaatnya, maklum, blogku amburadul..

aku juga pasang blog mbak di blog aku juga yah

WIWIEN said...

kiki....aku liat juga blognya anouk besma (NOHA temennya mbak nisa yg ikut programnya ini), she really happy with that rogram!!
congratulation dear :)
keep sound!

Kiki Fauzia said...

> Rosyid : hehe, mari mari. iya, dulu kan aku udah ijin. Hehe.^ Masih belajar dari kamu nie. Yours is truly inspiring! Iyep, pasang aja, makasih yaa :D
> Mbak Wien: Makasih mbak. Waktu berangkat ke Imogiri, aku duduk bareng Anouk di bis dan kita ngobrol banyak, termasuk juga cerita ttg Mbak Nisa. He^^. Take care Mbak! Stay humble :D