Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She Whom I Called Her

I called her "She"
This mortal creature is vulnerably fragile. She often wonders, confused, forgets, stiffs, failed, sick, regrets, defeated, cheated, and so on, those makes her completed as a perfect human with no absolute power.

In a world-stage when life is a play, she is involved as one player. She acts protagonist most times. For her, life balance is an ideal virtue. She really wants to give more, love more, learn more, understand more, including spreads more happiness and joy with others simply just by smiling, active-listening, understanding, and supporting with such a modest, and even awkward way of hers.

This vulnerably fragile creature attempts to stabilize her faith, finding out her truly passion, balancing her life, and mapping out her real intention to meet her shimmering dreams.

By the end, she really wants to be "khairunnas anfa'uhum linnas". She doesn't walk alone. She doesn't like making any sound. She can't stand vanity, superiority, and humiliaton. She believes in the magnificence of prayers, especially from parents and good peoples around her who steps on the same paths of kindess, good deeds, compassion, harmony, and righteousness.

She is calling herself to be more patient and stronger which she believes she can. Bismillah.


Jazz Muhammad said...

who is she, Mbak??? hehe

ini nyeritakne sampean dewe po secara umum?

tapi whatever the answer, tetep do the best in order to be the best...

Kiki Fauzia said...

ahh rosyid, masa seh? haha:)
whoever she is. she must be her. haha:) thanks for the comment!