Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UGM Graduation in May

left to right : phi'i, mbak rien, dedek, me :)

Today I dressed up in purple. Since early morning, my kost friends and I was excited to see our good friend's graduation ceremony. Another personel of SWA 7A Family, Mbak Ririn finished her study in UGM. We are also very enthusiastic to take a lot of pictures in the spot because my friend brought her SLR camera. The photos below was taken from my camera-pocket anyway.

There I also met another group, from another family, OIA family who congratulated our friend's glory. I am so proud of you friends, especially when seeing your cum laude shawl.

I would love to extend my sincere congratulation to dear friends,

Ririn Fina Pebriani - Forestry Faculty
Fitri Trapsilawati - Engineering Faculty
Guruh Eko Saputra - Engineering Faculty
Dyah Pandam Mitayani - Cultural Science Faculty
and other graduates

I hope you are a way success in years to come.
Be a good ones in whatever path you choose.

Regards, Kf

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