Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morning Reminder

This morning my brother called me. In the middle of our light conversation, I insisted him to share what he got from his weekly 'ngaji'. So, he started to highlight some points that made me frightened somehow. Then, he stated innocently, "That's what religion for, because life is not like bohemian" Then I nodded in silent while have the same idea about that. For me, religion works when we start thinking, feel afraid, change bahaviour, and increase self sensitivity of controlling mind and attitude. The process will gradually improve not only ourselves but the atmosphere surrounding.

From his 'morning reminder', some I agree, some I argue. But mostly my sensitivity increased afterward. Below I will write some 'reminder' in Bahasa Indonesia because it will be much more understandable and to avoide some misleading perceptions.

- Dosa yang langsung mendapat balasan di dunia:
- Sumpah palsu - Durhaka pada orang tua - Zina

- Semua perbuatan di dunia ini tidak ada manfaatnya, kecuali:*
- Dzikir - Baca Quran - Ta'lim (mencari ilmu)
I very much agreed but kind of argue on this points. Because there should be more to add.

- Salah satu ciri hawa nafsu yang berbahaya: ingin terkenal.
We also have dept discussion over this issue.

He also reminded me about 'nadzar'. For those who still have one, let's fulfill it immediately because of chain consequences used to called 'kafarat'. I would love to share more about this topics. I hope we will be more aware and sensitive of our basic intention in life.

Regards, _Kf_

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