Monday, August 9, 2010

My Absence and Prescence

..everyone has their own story and destiny..
..the happiest person is one who's always feeling grateful..

Hi August, I am happy for you. And as I stated above I should be grateful for everything I have. No complain for life and no jealousity for others. We can be happier if we can share more, and be POSITIVE in thinking and feeling. Then, it will suddenly ease our bad feelings and sadness. Oh God, I am still too far from You. Literally, I feel a half empty because of imbalance between my needs and efforts. I urge more vertical connection with God, but in action I am 'zero'. Ramadhan will be coming on these upcoming days and it would be the best moment to heal my soul and improve my spiritual connection with The One.

Let's talk about my absence and my presence during the previous month. I have been disapeared from the blogging world for quite time. The month of July was occupied by KKN duties. It's time for serving community as it supposed to be. This is the time of the year when I have to take a part in action as implementation of three principle of university besides education and research, which is community service.

Community Service: We Never Work Alone
That how it works in KKN. We never work alone since we are teamed up with other students. Our unit consists of thirty students from various departments and faculties. Mostly are from my own department, International Relations. The rests are from the faculty of Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics and Business, Math and Natural Sciences, Agricultural Technology, and Engineering. One unit are divided in to six subunit which means that we have five students in each subunit. I myself are part of subunit "SMA 1 Wonosari", accompanied by friends from three different departments, Psychology, Accounting, and Computer Sciences.

Lesson I learned and observed during KKN:
- Inefficiency and lack of integrity of Institute for Research and Community Service ( I will write later focus on this topic)
- One should be aware of their own portion and position. Time for lead or follow.
- Obey the mechanism and shared-agreement.
- Respect and acknowledge others since we never work alone.
- Appreciaton is worth-value. Dont hurt others by saying direct harsh words.
- Three magic words : thanks, sorry, and please.
- Obvious things which I dont like :
Talk behind one's back, gossipings (preffered called 'ghibah'). These things are very normal and obvious which I was really uncomfortable deal with. Listening these kind of things just made me sick. But what most pathetic is why is always fun and entertaining?
- Get much involved in activities and projects. Engage with many peoples. It's not easy, but one try is worth-doing and deserves an appreciation.
- Controlling is somehow an effective way to organize things in order. But too much control would make no senses.
- The art of manipulating.
- Be yourself and try to understand others.
- Playing safe is being on the mainstream track. Flexibility on various situation is very important.
- More qualified time we shared = more we value the prescence of others = more emotional and personal bonds tighted up.
- Reducing ego and stubborness is a must list to do.
- Boys likes gossips as well (a bit shocked).
- Girls are vulnerably conflicting in 'cold war', while boys are struggling on their world war.
- ....
- would be more added

Just stay tuned :)

Cheers, Kiki


Wiwien said...

kikiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ada cinta bersemi di KKN gaa?

Kiki Fauzia said...

nampaknya ada, mbak!
kalo ngga' kurang afdhol ya rasana.hehe. cinta bertebaran dimana-mana anyway. :)