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Discovery McHale

This Friday, December 3 2011, UGM held a special program with a prominent figure from the United States of America. Judith McHale, An Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the State Department. The event took place in the Senate Room, Second Floor, North Wing Rectorat UGM from 08.30-11.00. Around a hundred person joined the program, mostly lecturers and students. The day's program was also connected to nine Indonesian universities through video conference. Instead of talking about public diplomacy and US foreign policy, the program mainly discussed about the significance impact of entrepreneurship. Mr. Joko Moerdianto, UGM Executive Secretary was in charge of the session by being a moderator. While, beside Mrs. McHale, the other speakers; UGM Rector-Mr. Sudjarwadi, Vice Minister of National Education Ministry-Mr. Fasli Djalal, and US Ambassador to Indonesia-Mr. Scott Marciel signified the specialty of the program.

courtesy to http://www.ugm.ac.id.

Now let's get to know closer about Judith McHale :

She has a strategic yet important position at the Department of State. Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs are very urgent issues regarding the US foreign policy. Moreover, it is a big homework for the States to influence public opinion, domestically and internationally through smart diplomacy. I wouldn't talk much about political aspects of her position but explore about what we can learn from her endeavor and professional experience.

MTV and Discovery Channel. Who didn't know these two internationally-well-known channels. So, what's the matter? It matters since Mrs. McHale had once become an eminence figure who succeed to gain a big achievement for those companies. She had a very sharp visionary sight, and were very passionate about the world development. She was also concern about culture and education which accommodate her hardworking into many accomplishments.

Her recent position acquires skill to deal and engage with various different people from around the world. Therefore, she has to equip herself with outstanding qualifications of communication skills, as well as her broad-knowledge. Her background and upbringings were also an advantage for her career. She was nurtured in diplomatic atmosphere since she was a daughter of the US diplomat. She valued a lively experience abroad, especially in South Africa and Great Britain. Hence, Mrs. Mc Hale also absorbed the spirit of apartheid struggle in South Africa.

For further biography you can read on this website.

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