Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do.Ci.Reng with Peace Generation

"The family endures because it offers the truth of mortality and immortality within the same group... , to make us feel at the same time unique and yet joined to all humanity, accepted as is and yet challenged to grow, loved unconditionally and yet propelled by greater expectation.."

- Letty Cottin Pogrebin

What I call family is ones who can understand our ups and downs life-cycle. They will welcome and hug us warmly every time we need them back . I once felt down and bored with my routines and work. I really needed a recharge and refreshment at the same time. I felt grateful that I still have many families to cheer and raise my decreased spirit lately.I am thankful for Peace Gen family for bringing a tremendous spirit that gradually ease my uneasy feeling.

Story began when my friend asked me to join with one of Peace Gen's program in Muntilan dedicated for children who affected Merapi eruption. At first I felt bad and awkward to suddenly participate at their program. I had disappeared for quite long time since I couldn't manage my time between study and working. But I remembered one of my colleague who;s also used to be a PIC on Peace Gen said to me that this community will always be there for us, especially when we feel in the need of family foremost.. So, here it is, I came back again with a hope that I could find such a joyful yet inspiring engagement that could recharge my mind and soul. And guess what I got, not only amazing experiences, but a bunch of supportive friends who share a genuine smile and hope. I also felt empowered since I spent my weekend with positive activities dedicating for others.

Do.Ci.Reng = Dolanan Ceria Bareng
Literally means "playing fun together". This program was conducted by Peace Generation, and fully supported by AFSC (American Friend Service Community). Aftermath of Merapi eruption, Peace Gen created various programs to help the victim. One of them is Docireng that dedicated to children who lived in the area of refugee camp. We came every weekend, Saturday and Sunday to stay and play with the kids. We played and had fun with them in order to heal their bad experience and trauma due to Merapi eruption. The program consisted of various activities such as learning, singing, dancing, and many more activities involving the dynamics of the kids. Last week, they made a puppet from recycled newspaper and lidi, also learned how to plant vegetables from chili and tomato seeds. Meanwhile, this weekend, they learned to write a story, danced, and act in a play.

Playing with kids is not only FUN and recharging, but a great lesson learned for me.
"happiness only real when shared"

About a hundred and fifty kids joined our 'Do.Ci.Reng' program. They came mostly from the neighborhood, around SD Gulon, Muntilan.

We were happy to show our puppet creation. We also enjoyed to play fool and act like a kid, again.

We made a 'Peace Gen train', stood in line before getting a consumption.

The executor of the program never forget to pose in a group photo.

A real happiness shared with the kids. Dwina and I tutored them to make a simple puppet. They name their group as "Kupu Elang (Butterfly-Eagle) group.

Assisted this beautiful kid how to draw 'a star'.

Anticipated the cute boy to bother the girl. Afterward, he was just too adorable.

One of the kid's drawing. I liked the title of the "Opinion" section.

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