Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rain Hard, (my) Heart Rained

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Today Wrapped Up
I have changed my blog-looks again. At first I just wanted to make a new header. I thought it would be nice if I put my pic on it. But, I didn't know why finally I ended up by choosing the one above. I realized that I got bored easily with the template and color of my blog, so you might notice that I changed it quite often.

In these couple days, Jogja rained regularly. Usually it started from afternoon until evening. Hours by hours, so that often bothered my routines. I was trapped at the library today, for almost three hours. Even I couldn't run into the next building, which is Rectorat. I didn't bring umbrella or jacket, so I am afraid that my belongings, especially my laptop would get wet. So, I just stayed inside the building while reading a bunch of journals and waiting for the rain to stopped. But it seemed like a never ending rain, ever harder. So, I decided to run into parking lot, and head to my kost. It was around 4 o'clock, and yeah I got a little wet, but my laptop are safe. Thanks God, I brought a raincoat today.

Tomorrow is Holiday
I began today with full of spirit. I had many checklist for my 'must-do' today. Most of them were related to work-duty and emailing stuffs. I also have read few pages of journal at the library. I think, I could concentrate more if working in a new and peaceful surrounding. In contrast, when I tried to focus reading in my room, I easily got distracted, mostly by my inside notion. I also planned to finish my pending matters tomorrow, and committed to woke up and start my activities earlier. But, Oh My God, it was ashamed because I just realized that tomorrow is a holiday due to the Muslim New Year. 1 Muharram 1432 H. Ya Allah, how could I didn't care about this most important celebration of the year, even I forgot what day tomorrow supposed to be.

Happy New Year
I hope the coming year would be better and brighter. I myself pray that I could have a better quality of spiritual intimacy with You. And more important, I can be a better me, personally, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally. I think I also need to draw my resolution. Yeah, I should.

For everyone,
-when rain dropped your tears, you must keep your heart warm.
-there is no 'late' words for any improvement.
-force yourself to be great and in your best shot.
- praying is the best moment of meditation which connect you to God.

Lesson learned today :
Don't forget to carefully and regularly look at your calender, unless you will left behind.


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