Wednesday, December 15, 2010

love you both, dear friends!

Dear Anna Williams, and
Katherine Burley

Hi girls, do you remember those pictures?
Oh, how time flies so fast. And, I miss you.
I just wanted to treasure such great memories we had during my exchange year program in the States. Thanks for being one of the greatest people who genuinely shared many loves, laughter, and stories in my life. I hope we can meet sometimes in the near future, on some places on the earth. Please kindly keep in touch.

Much love,


Je m'appelle Anna! said...

Awwww kiki! I definitely remember those photos! and how tired you were from skiing the day before :)

I showed some of them to my classes here in france to show them the statue of liberty.

Whenever I'm homesick here or I have difficulties with the language I think about how strong and outgoing you were (and are). I remember one of the first days of art class and sociology when you walked in and shook everyone's hand. You let people know that you had arrived and were in the states to fully appreciate your experience. That takes a lot of courage and it's something I truly admire.

I hope we cross paths soon!

Kiki Fauzia said...

awwww honey, that's so sweet of you, how you remember the details.
even i couldn't remember that much.
when you are homesick,
it's just a natural adjusting process. i am sure you will adapt it quickly.

you also have a lot of courage and passion to have flied across oceans. and now have been living in france :)

yeah, ameeeen for that. i hope we cross path soon. =D

dear, do you have skype or ym?

ksburley said...

Hi Kiki!

Totally didn't know that you have a blog; Anna shared the link with me. I love these pictures so much. I think about coming to visit you in Indonesia all the time! One day I'll just have to hop on a plane and do it. :) I'm living in Colorado now, which is very different than NJ. I absolutely love love love it here! You should look me up on skype so we can chat!

love and miss you bunches!

Kiki Fauzia said...

Hey Kat honey,

I am super happy to have found you dropped a comment in my blog. Yess pleaaase, you should come and visit me sometime in the future.

Wow, so glad that you LOVE Colorado so much. I wonder how it was, but i am sure that it must be so lovely.

Yes, please give me your id in skype so we can chat and video-conf.

Take care, and love you sooo..
Huge hugs and kisses

Kiki :D