Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Appareance, New Spirit

Dear my beloved readers,

I haven't been productive these couple months. Actually I want to share my stories so badly, but mostly it only stucked on the matters of will and idea. I never started realizing into blog. Sometimes I felt that my brain got stiff a moment. Too much to tell, but less time to write. My other problems is I was doing too much blogwalking where I found many awesome and interesting blogs. Most of them impressed and inspired me a lot. On the other hands, I always think that mines need to be improved more, especially, for the content. Then, I remembered what motivated me first when I made this blog. So, more important is I have to keep writing on the first place. Then, quality come next.

So, here is my first post on he month of April. Did you notice any differences on my blog? For those who nodding. Thanks. But I bet most of you, do not. I would kindly tell you..

First, I changed the background by using a new template from bloggertemplate I had downloaded. I loved this new one.

Second, I also changed the blog's title. My previous title was "Hide and Seek", but now I hereby declared "Camouflage of Fatamorgana" as my new title. In short, I removed my old title because I found other's blog (when blogwalking) already named her blog with the exact name as mine. So, because I loved originality I made a new name for my blog. I hope this new name will energize my spirit to love writing more.

Best regard,

Kiki Fauzia

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