Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hellow Tuesday

Just make conversation. Go talk to someone. Keep talking and listening in return. You might be surprised how much you have shared and gotten. Maybe you can change others. Maybe you will change as well. But, experience it. And, you will make a difference. (KF, 13042010)

Hello Tuesday,

The second day of the week. The second day of midterm. I didn't wanna to talk much about how was it. I just a bit disapointed with myself. But then, I realized I have struggled my best. I used my maximum capacity of learning ( Maybe, not really. Huh). I couldn't change what have passed. Just praying for the best and making a lesson-learned.

What became highlight of today was stated above. I never thought to have a pretty long conversation with these two of my friends. It just happened rarely because of particular circumstances.

Today, we had a nice conversation about random stuffs. Mostly about future, campus-life, course, main ambition, Yogyakarta, and so on. Then, I really curious about how to write a good article and succesfully published in the media. Because I knew two of my friends are brilliant and experienced enough of this kind of field. So, I asked them. They shared of course, and added some stories that somehow made me surprissed.

And then, afterall, I realized that time went so fast. Seemed like yesterday, we started to study in our beloved departement, seemed like a couple days ago, we had a program orientation in this campus. Time always teached us to be self-aware of the preciousness of moment. Then, I started realizing that friends whom we together experienced the same things, will grow, process, improve, and succes with their own special unique way. We made our own path to reach our own dream. We are destined to learn and dream together, but maybe we would make it with different way.

Good luck everyone. Be passionate of what we really love can make us happier and stay younger!

Regards, -KF-

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