Thursday, April 15, 2010


In the middle of finishing my take home exam, I am feeling sad and uncertain about various things in my life. Here are some questions that popped up on my brain right now..
1) Graduate soon, or experience more study abroad
2) Skripsweet, when to start, when will finish, what is the topic?
3) My GPA, this is my last semester of taking courses, maybe. So, I want to get my best! Can I?
4) My age, concerned about life planning after graduating,
5) Achieving my master degree abroad or working to make more money
6) What is my ideal job? Values, interest, money, .. longterm security
7) Personal life : marriage, settled with family, taking care of family: children and husband
8) Living nearby my parents or taking my parents live near by me
9) so on, and so on

Then, I started thingking that the list above are ALL 'BOUT MYSELF. Does that means that I am too egoistic. Then I come to my 'klise' question: When I stop to think about myself// When I come to the point that I am enough with myself// Is that possible?

Uncertain regards, -KF-

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