Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warning or Caring

Good evening blogger and reader,

No exam today. I went to campus and lent my friend my camera pocket for her project. Then, I had lunch with my kost-friends in "d'Gunz". After that, I went to the office : eat Amanda brownies that my friend brought for her own-birthday, sent email to university partner in Australia, then had a DREaM meeting in Balairung. At evening, I had a dinner in "Black Burger" with some OIA friends. So, what's special today?

Here is the story:
This afternoon, I got a call from unidentified number, with the area code +6221 #########. I knew it was from Jakarta, but I didn't know who was calling. So, without hesitation, I just picked up the call, hoped that there would be any good news from the capital city. But, what I heard, then?

She was her, with a calm and soft voice. I didn't know the name yet 'till I write this. It's kinda ashamed that I forgot to ask her name. She has been so care to me. That's what I thought of what she just did to me.

First, she asked, " Are you Rizki Nur Fauzia?" Then, I said "Yes, I am." Later, she asked me more about my grade point avarage. She was so curious why my GPA was downgraded. I explained the reasons. She seemed so understandable by being a good listener and paying attention to what I was telling. In the end, she said to me, "Eventhough you are working, you still have to study diligently." Yups, she said "Kamu harus rajin belajar." She said it more than two times.

She was no one. I haven't known her name. I dont know her personally. But when she said and adviced those words, it sounds so powerful. Even, I almost never heard that kind of advice in such a long time. Neither, my parents. They seldom advice me that way.

I almost never heard that advice since I graduated from high school. I dont know why? Maybe when I am in university. Most people, especially my parents think that I am adult enough to think about what I need, including the need of studying.

I dont know whether her advice is a caring or a warning. Why warning? It's so possible because she was actually from the foundation that has been giving me scholarship. Her saying to me was still echoing in my ear. I dont care whether it is a warning or a caring. The most important now is realizing her advice. No matter what.

"Aku harus rajin belajar. Aku harus rajin belajar. Aku harus rajin belajar!"

Diligent regards, -KF-

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