Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dentist Night ; A Lesson to Manage My Smile

Dentist Night :

I call 'dentist night' when I have 'a date' with my dentist. I used to 'have a date' two times in a month or once within two weeks. But not anymore right now due to my activity and progress of my teeth. Nowadays I go to dentist about once a month. Always in the weekend. Sometimes my friend, Lanri accompanied me since we have the same problem and need the same treatment. When 'dentist night' came, I drove my motorcycle all the way to Babarsari. It's quite far from my kost. The picture above is the new dentist place. On the second floor.
That's Lanri, my friend who used to accompany me.

A cozy sofa where I used to wait patiently and often made me felt a sleep.

Manage My Smile :

I always tought that I already have a nicely huge smile. But my dentist has another opinion about that. I still face a problem when I smile. She said that I have to control over my smile. In order to have a perfect yet beautiful smile, I have to learn to manage my smile. I need to exercise in front of mirror. That's my dentist suggestion.

Ohh laa laaa..

"Even when I smile, there is a rule."

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Dayinta Aditya said...

that's right bibeh,
u smile...i smile :D