Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be grateful of your problem, it can be so enlightening in a proper framing

Four thousand rupiah meal
Please guess, what made me happier this evening?? You might didn't get it right. The answer is unpredictable, but that's true. It's because I only spent four thousands rupiah for affording my dinner meal. That really made me happy, especially after I realized that I had no cash money left on my pocket. Thank God. I feed myself for free today due to my official duty. After almost a quarter hour searching for money from everysingle part of my room, my bag, my jacket, and all part, finally I was able to collect five thousand and five hundred rupiahs. Then, I asked Mb. Minah, Ibu kost's maid whether my money enough or not for buying a food. She assured me so. So without any hesitation on 9 p.m. I went walk to buy nasi putih penyetan with a combination of tempe terong and sambel. I went home and reached my room with a wider smile.

Before eating, I prepared my drink by having a big glass of water. Ohh, wow. How great I feel. For the first time, I really enjoyed a glass of water with such a deep satisfaction. At that moment, I think that tempe-terong and sambal are much better than any gudeg, seafood, pizza, fried chicken, lasagna, and other delicious foods. The experience tonight made me realize that I have to be grateful for all I have although with a simple and moderate way. Be grateful, that I was still able to eat something today. Please imagine how many people out there who need to struggle for make a living, even for a bite of nasi. It's such a lesson learned for me that I need to be more thoughtful on managing my money.

I had been through this several last week with what most my friends said as 'hedonism'. Not in the real meaning, but just our interpretation in which we had overwhelmingly fun activities that mostly waste our money, energy, and time to have self-pleasure with a bunch of friends. And then, today I experienced something more, deeper, when I realized that I was lucky enough to have experienced various condition of life.

It' not merely about MONEY
I ever said on my previous blog that it's all about the money. I wrote that post when I am on the condition in the need of money. Money also made me a bit sad this afternoon, especially after realized that this week and the upcoming week I will have many expending budget. I thought and counted so much about it. There are many unpredictable condition that made me think twice, related to budget and many things need to be recognized as important ones. Even, I almost cancelled my gathering in Jakarta wih my ISFIT friends.

I always update my progress with parents, so do today. I almost cancelled all my agenda if it will create more budget. They didn't agree on that matter. All of sudden, I realize that I still have God, place where I have to fully-surrender. So when adzan Isya called me, I anwered the call by having Isya jamaah prayer in Masjid in front of kost, just like I did as usual. What a miracle. I felt lighter afterward, and more relieved. It' s getting much more relieved when I texted my parents talking about my condition, my wrong framing about my problem, and how should i be grateful with everything God given me. Then, my parent said,

"..., you don't need to be sad and overthinking about those stuffs because you still have your parents, dear. When you get home, we can fix the problem and provide what you need at the most"

OMG. That message gradually lighted up my evening. Then, I answered I was not sad anymore since I have a BIG God and BIG parents that I can count on. But the problem actually is due to my thinking that I want to be independent and not bother my parents anymore with this kinda annoying stuffs. But then, I also realized that they are there for me. That's why I really want to be home soon. Soon. I hope so. Soon :))

Today lesson learnt can be read on the title above. I bet you agree on that sentence.

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