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One of Paolo Coelho's book, titled "The Winner Stands Alone" implies powerful messages to its readers. I wont argue about that. Here, what I want to explore more is about my interpretation to its title; "The Winner Stands Alone". Somehow I dont really agree on that sentences. In my opinian, the winner doesn't stand alone, because he/she has a strong supporting system. I understand that to be a winner, man should have such qualities, such as independence, confidence, persistence, and competence. If those quality wrapped up in one man's body, he/she would likely tend to be more independent and self-reliant.

Supporting system. I got so familiar with this phrase since my Rector gave an inspirational remark in the Office of International Affairs, on the day, I was officially recognized to be one staff working part-time there. I often amazed with this old-grey hair yet wise person I ever known. On most my times spend with him, whether accompanying international 'guest', being notulist in the meeting, having breakfast and coffebreak together (off course in my capacity as Program Coordinator and younger generation), and another special moment, I always being so inspired and motivated.

Okay, I will focus on my title on this blog. Because talking about my Rector figure will take pages and pages. Just stay tuned, I will write my experience 'working' with him later on. I understand that there are many wrong judgment from those who don't know him quite well, especially those who's opposing his public (read:university) policies.

Back to 'supporting system'. Rector once said that we have to work effectively by building a strong supporting system that synergize each others position. By doing so, we can work paralelly and efficiently. I really agree on that. Supporting system means alot in working environment. It will create a positive and healthy working atmosphere that will bring person in more productive way of working. It also means that we have to appreciate, support, and strengthen each others potentials.

My curiousity asked me to use search engine with key words 'supporting system'. There is no exact definition or link related to what I really want. That term is merely best described in business-technology and life organism. For example, I found 'Life Support System' in Wikipedia pages that said:

In human spaceflight, the life support system is a group of devices that allow a human being to survive in outer space. NASA often uses the phrase Environmental Control and Life Support System or the acronym ECLSS when describing these systems for its human spaceflight missions. The life support system may supply air, water and food. It must also maintain the correct body temperature, an acceptable pressure on the body and deal with the body's waste products. Shielding against harmful external influences such as radiation and micro-meteorites may also be necessary. Components of the life support system are life-critical and are designed and constructed using safety engineering techniques .

I also found the definition of "Decision Support System" from Wikipedia as well, which constitute a class of computer-based information systems including knowledge-based systems that support decision-making activities.

So, based on my finding from search engine, the term are far from my interpretation. If I may conclude, there are similarity of the two-"life support system" and "decision support system". First, consist of more than two elements. Second, sophisticated yet complicated. Third, yah, that'all I thought so far.

Supporting System on My Own Word

I define supporting system as a basic foundation to be success. I think that success can be easily achieved by those who has a strong supporting system. From the definition of system, we understand that it is a set of various components working and supporting each others to achieve one mission or one goal. I myself identify supporting system could be tangible and intangible elements.

From tangible elements, I will say (for example): full support from parents, supportive friends, trusted colleagues, our network, facilities we invent, and so on.. Intangible elements could be our experiences, attitude, strength, positive minds, healthy lifestyle, etc.

If those elements work together and synergize each others, I am positively sure that we can achieve what we define as a success. So, starting from this moments, Let us build a strong supporting system, and we have to be supportive as well to be one element of others supporting system.

Good luck everybody!

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