Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DOs and DONTs

I started today with such a lost, disappointed feeling. But I tried to wake up and make the best effort to create a better day. I woke up, breathed deeply, and released my worrisome about my previouse bad. I often missed the moment of morning surrender recently. There is such a deep hollowness afterwards. But it's a worthed lesson learned.

All of sudden, I looked to my white board that used to be a weekly planner hang on the wall. I never used it since I had my cuty notebook planner. After a few moment of silent, I caught a brilliant idea. I grabbed my black boardmarker, then drawed a thin line to divide that board to be two parts. On the right side, I wrote a big DOs and the left one said DON'Ts. After that, I listed what I should DOs and what I should avoid (DONTs). It was just surprissing knowing that I am on trouble recently, especially due to time mismanagement that caused a long cycle of life mismanagement.

Morning 'til afternoon. I struggled with my fundrising proposal. Printing, copying, editing are not really special task since I always had done with them. After all finished, I headed to campus. First, I went to my IR department office. From a distance, I saw a crowd of people gathered in the lobby. They are IR student class 2006 fighting for their undergraduate thesis. After saying hello, smiling, and having a little conversation with them, I straight came inside the office. Fortunately, I met Mrs. RTN whom I had been searching for since the previous week. Thanks God, she already understood my intention to meet her. Without need to explain more, she answered my big question mark in my head.

In the beginning she asked forgiving for not grading yet my termpaper (as my 'susulan' exam). That is not a real big deal for me. I am still quite optimistic that I will get a good grade thou. My main intention actually is about asking for my department financial contribution due to my upcoming-2 weeks-program in Thailand which is just around the corner. Hell, yeah, I got dissapointed that my department rejected my proposal. Based on Mrs. RTN answer, my department just made a policy about 'financial contribution' to the international events. It's kind of pathetic that my department cut out the funding because I have already experienced international event. So, IR department only let the fresh students having no international experience to use their money. Huff. If that's the criteria, I must be eliminated since the first round:(

My mission is not accomplished. But somehow I am still optimistic. My next destination is Mandiri Bank. I had to pay my school tuition today. If not doing it soon, there would be various consequences. Let say, I might have no money left on my pocket in the end and I was threatened not able to fill my KRS. So, better to do it sooner.

Another meeting was setted up after finishing a bank transer to Rector account. I had to meet my Vice Dean of Student Affairs in my faculty. I had to wait for her about a quarter hour. I felt a little bit relieved since she promised me to give a financial support. She didn't decide yet since she have to review my proposal. She said almost the same things with my previous meeting in my department, about the lack of faculty budget, a massive MUN conference, and the idea of internazionalization.

Today, I dealed with the negotiation as part of the art of begging. Let's see whether it succeed or not. After done with my fundrising mission I had to go to my office, Office of International Affairs. There, we had done a half of selection process of recruiting new PCs who will be our new partners soon. Today like usual I chatted and laughed in the same time I worked in the office. This is a pleasure, and I enjoyed. Thanks to Pupu who gave me a nice 'gantungan kunci' of Singapore where she just visited this weekend.

Minutes by minutes passed slowly because I had nothing to do. So, when mbak Icha asked for outing to have a lunch, I undoubtfully agreed. Mas Timur then wanted to join with us. We decided to go to Pizza Hut. It was great pick bacause I really wanted to go that place since last night.

Always being so special and recharging moment to spend with good friends. We ordered 'sensasi delight 4' and a very sweet ice cream. We eated alot. We talked alot. We laugh loud. We are happy to be in today. We are happy to be together, in laughter, overcoming our hunger.

Thanks God for everything. You are still The Greatest. Thanks for this breathing, this disapointment, this friendship, and the day you blessed me with a smile of the sun. What a beautiful today is!

I promised to be better tomorrow. Doing those DOs and avoiding those DONT's!!

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