Friday, February 12, 2010

when my heart being so emotional

It's getting so emotional..
I just can't help to blow it up on this blog.
It's burning inside, there a tears almost drop in her eyes, but she could handle it.
When she put a hope so high in the sky,
hoping that they are more friendly and contribute things
just for appreciation, in the name of fairness, quality, and equity
but hope remains disapointment

In her eyes, she knew that those who eloquently speaking is
They manipulate for their own interest in the sake of goodness
how come they laughed all the time applaused for their artful

Meanwhile, those who really need support,
drawning hurtly
Those who dedicated their heart to be a part of their support
has accepted suffers from the new mechanism
world is indeed unfair,
I never realized it until I met her, today!
a small experience taught lot about this absurd fairnes

Somehow she told me this is manipulative world, full of manipulative beings.
Full of sly people who sell the tricky mouth to get things.
She also showed me not to easily trust people from their appearance.
Although they are really

Yeah, we indeed need to be cautious!!

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