Saturday, February 6, 2010


Weekend supposedly being a great time to have a spare time to 'pleasure'-ing ourself. That's not applied for some PCs who had a meeting today, talking about our BIG 'DREAM'. The progress seems slow but sure (hopeful). Yeah, we still tried to conceptualize the programs, sponsorship, proposal, recruitment, budget, and so on. Saturday morning-almost afternoon, we met up in front of Office of International Affairs, UGM Main Building, South Wings, second floor. Seriously? in front of the office, since no one of us had a key to open the door.

I myself came a bit later when already found out four of my friends there sat down (*lesehan) and discussed things. We merely dealed with DREAM preparation, but sometimes we also joked, had intermezzo, gossipped, and laughed, at the end. They often laughed at me when spontaneously words came out from my mouth. Most time I didn't understand the reason what being so funny. But it feels so refreshing when they laughed, I laughed, and we all laughed. We really need hillarious atmosphere to entertain our serious world that force us to deal with overload-work, project, and problem. It feels like a brief instant escape from those burdens.

DREAMs. Ough, our big project with a big target. I knew that we can make it since I trusted my friends capacities. But surely we can't work alone. We need a strong teamwork to make it done successfully. We need to FOCUS. But I can't imagine what happens if everyone focused on their other priorities that's more important and related to FUTURE!! "Dear friends, I am sure with your full of ZEST, you can do both, or even more, quite well!!"

People said that 'logic can't work without logistic'. We couldn't agree more on that. Since we're so hungry, we decided to continue our meeting in 'Warung Sederhana' and still discussing about DREAM and also other lighter talk. I had sate padang for my meal. So did Pupu and Timur. Mbak Michelle had nasi padang and ayam, while the original Padang guy, Mas Heru, had nasi padang with rendang and teri. Ehmm. Padang food fulfilled our hunger.

You know what? Today discussion really reminded me of my Dad's advice, about my next SKRIPSYalala. I even heard most my friends said that it was SKRIPS(h)It. They thought that it was like a shit. I myself dont want to say so because if i think so, I am sure it will influence my self-inconsciousness to think so. Then, it will be so. So, I am trying to make it happy, by saying it is my SKRIPSyalala.. Wow, suddenly I also think that it can work as a SKRIPSialalala which has a bad word also (sial). So, I dont want whataver unlucky situation will be. That is why I used (Y) instead of (I) on my 'SKRIPSYalala'

My Dad is right, somehow. He taught me about the importance of preparation. He reminded me that if I want to achieve good things, I have to be prepared. Wise word even said, "Fail to prepared means prepare to failed'. So I gotta watch out. Sooner is better. I better think now when everything is still in calm, not in chaos, not underpressure. Bismillah.

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