Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Night with ..-ing

Start with testing..

my new modest camera-pocket, and trying various 'mode's to get a good captured of photoes. So that I can be a good friend of her, so I can take a very good care of her as much as I love her and remembering how much I love money that I spent to get her.

*I hope someday I can afford SLR- camera..

Then, I started to BLOG-ing

It's quite awesome. It's fun to curhating* my stories and putting some pictures on it. It's also a media for me to escape from Facebook.

I continued
by watching two films,
"The Invention of Lying" and "The Time Travelerer's Wife'

Next, I couldn't resist and finally came over to my facebook(again), and started stalking people around.
It's not just such a wasting activity, because afterword,
I found something, a life learned,

"everyone has their own story and destiny"

so, make the best of YOURS!

ps. i am supposed to finish my PACKING, and start LISTING my 'a must' stuffs to bring for my upcoming travel.

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