Friday, February 5, 2010

" If I Had A Wing,.."

I missed the place above. It is one of my favorite places in Ridgewood, New Jersey, on my exchange year program. You can see from the picture, it was taken on 04.12.2006. It was such a peaceful pond to spend hours by hours, searching inspirations, writing poems, and remembering home, remembering my parents while singing alone "If I had a wing.." You might wonder what strange song that is. If you think so, you are not wrong. That song is English version, from my own translation. I transleted one of my favorite song. Here is the lyric " Andaikan aku punya sayap, ku kan terbang jauh mengelilingi angkasa. Kan kuajak ayah bundaku, terbang bersamaku, melihat indahnya dunia.." Yeah, I always sang that song on that beautiful pond. The song is a pray and a hope that someday I will take my parents to various beautiful places in the world. Amieen.

I like biking and going no where without knowing the direction. I did alot in the States. When I told my host Mom that I wanted to bike, she was excitedly showing me a bike that my host sister used to ride. But not anymore since she moved to Connecticut for collage. Thanks alot Mom for your genuine kindness. After getting that bike, almost every weekend I rode a bike to go around the town and discovered something new. What I really amazed is American people really appreciate bikers. They have their own path which is safety and comfy.

Here is the story : I discovered the beautiful pond above on my biking adventure. I called it 'if i had a wing Pond'. On that day, I just kept biking around the Duck Pond area, a famous pond in Ridgewood. I just watched on the bike sign that always guide me. It also told me how many miles I already reached. Then, finally I discovered this place. There was not mouch people there, quite, and so peaceful. Then, I liked to sit down on that bench with my bike position parked and leaned on the bench. I always bring the pink dressy notebook that given by the kids I used to babysit in Child Development Class. Her name is Chloe. If I am not mistaken she gave me on the Halloween Day. Hehe.

I could freeze the times then, especially when I already got inspirations. That's why I always brought sandwitch and bottle of water with me. Almost forget, I also had friends accompanied me. They are mostly birds and ducks. We were already be friended. Then, I would start singing, "If I had a wing.."
This is the lyric of one of my favorite songs..
"Satu-satu daun-daun berguguran tinggalkan tangkainya,
Satu-satu burung kecil beterbangan tinggalkan sarangnya
Jauh, jauh, tinggi ke langit yang biru
Andaikan aku punya sayap
Ku kan terbang jauh mengelilingi angkasa
Kan ku ajak ayah bunda ku
Terbang bersama ku melihat indahnya dunia"

The song flew in to the sky with his own wings, witnessed by the leaves and the birds. Then all universes would answered 'Amiien'. It was my whisper prayer.

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