Thursday, February 4, 2010

INDONESIA on her eyes: "democracy, modernity, and gender empowerment"

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Maybe you wonder why I put the picture of a woman with black blouse, beatiful smile, strong eyes, and using eye-glasses on the left side of my post. There for a reason.

She is one powerful lady in this country. Recently she is holding a high position in Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Directorte General of America and Europe Affairs. She is the alumni from the same department as mine, International Relations Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Bu Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi, we used to call it, Bu Retno, in short. Bu Retno-Deplu more spesifically, because UGM has two prominent ladies whose name is Retno. The other one is UGM Senior Vice Rector for Academic, Research and Community Service (WRS P3M), Prof. Dr. Retno Sunarminingsih, M.Sc., Apt, who happened to be a wife of Bambang Sudibyo, our previous Indonesian Minister of Education.

Firstly I heard the name of Bu Retno Deplu was from my International Law lecturer, Mr. US who used to talked much about his various activities and his networks, including his good relation with with her. He further said that he still stayed in touch by text messaging her. Then, I started to know her more whan I was accepted to attend international event in Norway. I searched with Mr. Google to find out the Indonesian Ambassador for Norway, and surprissingly her name was appeared many times in the results, Retno LP Marsudy, Indonesian Ambassador to Norway. I got so excited then, since I knew that she is UGM alumni so I thought it would be easier to approach her for helping my coming to Norway.

Until finally, my friend from Universitas Indonesia who's also got accepted in International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway told me that Bu Retno didn't work there anymore. She knew her very well because Bu Retno is a mother of her (ex) boyfriend. Oh, I see:)

Then, I finally met her in person when she visited UGM in the occasion of the Rector meeting with the US Ambassador and White House envoy to Indonesia. The meeting was uphold regarding the plan of Obama visit to Indonesia, in the month of March, including the plan to visit UGM.

I can see that H.E. Cameron Hume, US Ambassador to Indonesia is likely keen on visiting Yogyakarta and UGM, especially. This is the second visit of him. The first one is when the US Higher Educators visited Indonesia last November, if I am not mistaken. The purpose of all the meeting whether with US Higher Educators, US AMbassador, and White House envoy are basically the same. They want to strengthen the cooperation and relations with UGM, as one oldest and biggest university in Indonesia.

What I want to say in this post as you can read from the title, I was impressed with Bu Retno thought and principle that she shared in a small discussion with the Head of OIA, the Deputy of OIA, PCs, and friends. I got so many insights which was beneficial from my self-improvement. Her sentences that I remember the most are about :
First, we have to start knowing 'WHAT WE REALLY WANT'. We often reject things without understanding what we really want. I thought that's a typical of woman. I think. Hehe. Second is about INDONESIA, as a country with the largest moslem population in the world, Indonesia is famous of being a moderate contry. She underlined that, "If you see Indonesia, you see democracy, modernity, and gender empowerment".
That's being so unique about Indonesia.

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