Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Counting Hours to Thailand

I got a bit faint. Seems that I had a lack of sleeping hours. I was supposed to check everything regarding my upcoming travel instead of laying down in the bed, but I felt so tired. I need to sleeping but I can't close my eyes. So, I decided to write this in order to raise my energy and vitalize my spirit. However I can sleep later in the train tonight thou'. OMG, I just remember that I need to read my reading brick on the class of "Cross-Cultural Communication". Yeah, that's RIGHT. I need to. I want to be a BRIGHT SMART STUDENT! I need to.

I dont know why I really want to improve my reading capacity. I need to devote my time to study more, and more. I want to be academically expert. Yeah, first, I have to brush my brain, then fill my stomach. Yeah, I know, what I should do after writing this: taking a shower, praying Ashar, having an early dinner, checking up everything, finishing my very last packing, then reading the material from the class. Then, I will be waiting nicely for a ride who will pick me up and take me to Tugu Train Station.

Counting hours to Tugu, Jakarta, and Thailand. Bismillah.

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